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Personalized Affirmations Recording

 10 Minute Audio - $25.00

20 Minute Audio - $50.00 


Featuring the music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke, your personalized affirmations recording includes affirmation statements we design together to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract opportunites, new inspirations, and to change your everyday habits to positive habits for success.  Common affirmations begin with the powerful words I AM.  I AM connects to the energy of Source or the Highest Realm and affirms that what you are speaking is your energy reality.  When affirmations are repeated over time whether through a recording or just stating them repetitively, the energy coming into you changes and you will at some point see signs of change in your physical life.  These changes can be small or larger depending on your openness to belief.  

When you purchase your audio recording, you are agreeing to the Terms of Conditions stated in the description of the audio product.  Affirmations are a positive and powerful tool, but are not a substitute for treatment from a Licensed Mental Health or Medical Professional.  Degree of success from your audio is not guaranteed.  It is simply a tool to assist you in your manifestational journey.  Lisa Hopp and Serenity Harbor are not liable for any effects from your audio or any disappointment from results.  It is important again to remember that you are creating your life and while this tool is helpful, it is not meant to be a cure and may not be able to override subconscious blocks.  

While your audio is "self-hypnosis", it can be listened to anytime, at least 1 to 2 times a day. It is best for you to allow your emotions to feel the affirmations as you hear them for optimal results.  

After purchasing your audio recording, please email to begin the affirmation designing process.  You can usually expect to receive your audio recording within 3 days.  

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