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Channeled Readings From The Akashic Records 

This session offers you the opportunity to access your Akashic Records for answers to your deepest questions.  The Akashic Records hold the history of our Souls since their inception into Creation.  These records include all memories, emotions, and choices, as well as what lessons and growth you are here to experience during this earthly incarnation.  I access your records through entering a deep meditation and then channelling the highest Spirit Guides, the Lords of the Records.  This session is available in a Private In-Person Session only. 

All questions for the Lords of the Records must be composed by the client prior to the appointment, and then submitted before the meditation begins.  All questions must start with either How, Why, or What.  Yes and No questions, When Questions, or Questions Regarding Others will not be accepted or answered by the Lords of the Records, as they always honor Free Will.  Akashic Readings and Channelled Angel Messages are similiar, however, Channelled Angel Messages are semi-trance channellings from your Guardian Angels.  Your Guardian Angels speak from a place of unconditional love and with the knowledge of you, those in your life, and what guidance is best to move you forward in your life in an effective way.  Our Guardian Angels also honor our Free Will, and will often consult on your Life Records when assisting in answering your prayers.  The Lords of the Records answer all questions from accessing your records.  They are practical, truthful, yet loving.  It is advised that you record your session if possible, but paper and pen are available for you.  Currently, recording your session for you is not available. 

I am happy to be able to offer this service to you.  There was a time when only certain individuals could access the Records.  We are in an exciting time where the contact between Earth and the Higher Realms is more open and vibrant than ever.

Akashic Record Readings are meant for those interested in their spiritual path and serving others.  You should be open and ready to hear the answers you will receive, as the Lords of the Records are always honest.  Pricing for this session is $100.00.
                                                 **This Service Is Not A Substitute For Treatment From A Licensed Medical Professional.  All Channelings Should Legally Be Considered "For Entertainment Purposes Only" And Are Solely Up To The Interpretation Of The Client.**

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