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Group mediumship readings are offered in groups of four(4) to eight(8) participants, giving everyone in the group the opportunity to receive message(s) from one or more of their Passed Loved Ones.  It is a shared and intimate experience where everyone in the group hears each other's messages.  I start each session with an introductory talk and then begin each reading in random order going to whomever I am pulled to first.  It is a casual setting, but often emotional and comforting.  I always try to give each participant equal time, but some participants may have more Passed Loved Ones come through with more to say than others.  Participants should be open and positive with no expectations of whom will come through with a message.  Often it is the loved ones you don't expect, but who wish very much to send you their love.

Angel Message Gallery

This gallery gives you the opportunity to receive a message from the Angels.  The Angelic Realm protects and guide us.  They are always loving and their sole purpose is to serve.  The minimum number of people for this gallery is four(4).  There is no maximum amount of people for this gallery as long as there is room for everyone to sit together comfortably.   

 **Please Note: While receiving messages from your Passed Loved Ones and Angels can be a tool for some healing, it is not a substitute for grief counseling or medical treatment from a licensed therapist or medical doctor.  Messages from Spirit are legally for entertainment purposes only.**

Pricing For All Galleries

Local Area and at Serenity Harbor Office For 3 People (Available In Office, Local Location and via Zoom):  Flat Rate $200.00 

Local Area, Serenity Harbor Office and via Zoom: $50.00 per Person (4 to 8 People) *Contact Office if Zoom group is larger than 4*
Outside Local Area up to 2 Hours of Travel Time: Flat Rate of $475.00 (Maximum # of Participants is 8)
Outside Local Area 2-3 Hours of Travel Time:  Flat Rate of $600.00 (Maximum # of Participants is 8)
Outside Local Area 3-4 Hours of Travel Time: Flat Rate of $700.00 (Maximum # of Participants is 8)


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