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Group Workshop 


The Infinite Possibilities 3 Week Evening Workshop

September 26, October 3 and October 10, 2019

Time:  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

Each Workshop Cost:  $75.00 

Workshop Fee Includes:  Workbook, Paper, Pen and Water.  


You were born to thrive, not just survive! This program, based on Mike Dooley's best-selling book "Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Changing Your Life", teaches you the ability to intentionally create the life you desire.  How to find your life purpose and implement steps to move towards this purpose.  How to change relationships and health for the better.  How to boldly go where you never thought you could go before!  This day long workshop will show you the possibilities!  I hope you join me!  Just click the "Schedule Appointment" Button below and book your class seat.  Thank You!


Private Infinite Possibilities Coaching Program  - Three 60 Minute Appointments - $200.00 

Lisa is a certified trainer in the empowering life coaching program called "Infinite Possibilities".  This program gives you the tools to change your life!  Do you want to find your life purpose?  Or go further in your current occupation?  Achieve better relationships?  Have the best health?  During three weekly 60 minute appointments, Lisa will give you the tools to make all the changes you desire.  Learn the power of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and how to change them.  Learn the science that makes you resist change to unhealthy habits and other aspects of your life.  Release the blocks to abundance, health, and the best relationships.  This program has transformed lives.  Lisa formally offered The Life Transformation Program.  This class is similiar with more exercises and information.  It's an upgrade.  Class includes the Infinite Possibilities workbook.  


Private Infinite Possibilities Coaching Program 2.0 (Formerly The Life Transformation Program) - Four 60 Minute Appointments - $300.00

This private coaching program includes Infinite Possibilities coaching as described above, with added tools such as Reiki Natural Healing, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, and other services as necessary.  It complements life coaching with additional tools for removing blocks and healing.  All healing tools are decided at the time of your course as individually needed.  The Life Transformation Program achieved amazing results for Lisa's clients.  This new and updated program hopes to achieve even more.  

**The Infinite Possibilities Coaching Program, Basic and 2.0, are not substitutes for treatment from a licensed Medical or Mental Health Practitioner.  Results are individual and based on your readiness and free will.  Always seek proper treatment when necessary.** 




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