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Intuitive Life Coaching gives you a blend of Intuitive, Life, Spiritual Coaching and Energy Scanning.  It is a mix of a "psychic" session along with a life coaching session.  We all have free will and the power to create our lives.  This session gives you a current view of what is coming towards you in your future, along with probable timelines and life coaching tips.
A private Mediumship Session gives you the opportunity to receive messages from Passed Loved Ones, Angels and Spirit Guides.  While there is no guarantee of whom may come forward in a session, our Passed Loved Ones are very much around us, and often want to tell us and show us their love, support, and comfort.  A private Mediumship session is my most meaningful session, as it is an honor and a privilege to bring through your Passed Loved Ones, and I hope it brings Peace, Closure, Comfort, and Healing for you.
In this session, you receive messages and the opportunity to ask your Angels questions.  Angels are higher beings that guide and protect us.  They are able and happy to counsel you in every area of your life.  This session is really a life coaching session conducted side by side with the Angelic Realm.  Find out who your Angels are, and learn how to communicate with them on your own.  This Session can also be combined with any of the sessions above and including an Angel Healing. 
**Intuitive Coaching and Mediumship Can Be Combined Into One Session for 60 and 90 minute sessions** 
Channeled Angel Messages, Reiki Natural Healing, Angel Healing and Vita-Flex are also available to add to your session at an additional cost.
30 Minute Session (In Person or By Phone):  $80.00 (Intuitive Coaching Only) 
60 Minute Session (In Person or By Phone):  $125.00 
90 Minute Session (In Person or By Phone):  $200.00
Channeled Angel Message:  $
Angelic Coaching Session:  $100.00 
Vita-Flex Technique: $25.00
Reiki Natural Healing:  $75.00
Angel Healing (Blend of Angel Messages and Reiki):  $100.00
**All Services At Serenity Harbor Are Not A Substitute For Treatment From A Licensed Professional**
**Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before appointment.  Arriving 15 minutes or more after appointment time may result in rescheduling**