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 Psychic and Mediumship Development Courses
Solo Advanced Intensive Psychic Development Course

Cost:  $300.00

This course is an intensive 1-day, 4-5 hour, one on one training with me to sharpen your psychic abilities.  It is meant for the student who is already aware of psychic abilities, and wishes to take them to the next level, where they can fully implement them into their daily life, or go forward into using them as a professional.   The course includes workshop manual and development exercises.   The manual gives you tools and lifestyle guidance to further develop your skills after you complete the course.   You will also be educated on how to raise your vibration using the Natural Laws of the Universe, and therefore; create the life you truly desire.   
Solo Advanced Intensive Mediumship Development Course

Cost:  $300.00

This course is for the person who was born with mediumship abilities - the ability to see, hear or feel those who have crossed over to the Other Side.  The student who signs up for this 1-Day, intensive 4-5 hour one on one training course has the desire to sharpen their skills in order to serve others.   The course includes workbook manual, exercises, and coaching while conducting a mediumship session.   

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