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** This page lists some of the most popular online products.  Please click the link below for ALL online orders including tickets for Events, Donations, Electronic Payments of Group Session fees and Telephone Sessions.    


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2019  Basic Yearly Forecast -  $10.00 and 2019 Deluxe Yearly Forecast (Ask 1 Question) - $20.00  

My Latest Books The Workbook for "Take These STEPS Now To Change Your Life!" and "Affirmations For Everyday Life"

















1 Question Email Session  Cost:  $25.00

2 Question Email Session  Cost:  $40.00 



Who were you in a Past Life?  How Does it Affect This Life?




 Simply Believe Inspirational Products


























































































Cost:  $25.00

Lisa channels a personalized message for you from the Spiritual Helper of your choice regarding the three major areas of your life: Life Purpose, Relationships, and Health. Our Angels are not only protectors but also often our guides, and their higher wisdom is always truth, and always speaks to what is happening and what is to come in our lives.  Our Spirit Guides have specialties, such as Joy, Career, Health, and Relationship Area and are your instructors and workers.  Ascended Masters are the "Big Guns", such as The Saints or Beloved Mother Mary.  Messages are sold separately and will be found under different products in the Store Catalog.  Look For Personalized Channeled Message Angel, Personalized Channeled Master Spirit Guide, and Personalized Channeled Message Ascended Master.

Akashic Records are the records of our eternal life.  They are held by the highest Spirit Guides, the Lords of the Records.  This reading gives you a channeled message from the Lords, as well as the opportunity to ask up to ten(10) questions.  Questions should be on larger topics, such as Life Purpose or Spiritual Growth, as well as open ended.  No When or Yes/No Questions.  This reading is perfect for those concentrating on their spiritual path.

Cost:  $100.00


**Please Email serenityharbor@verizon.net after purchase with full name, age and questions (if applicable)**