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What To Expect At Your Intuitive and Mediumship Session

Thank you for booking an appointment with me.  Here are some keys to having the best appointment:

1.  If coming in person, I will ask to hold something metal of yours, such as keys, to deter from "cold reading".  This does not apply to phone or email sessions.
2.  You are welcome to tape your session for others to hear.  Guests are not allowed to sit in on your session, but may wait for you in my waiting area.
3.  Please come on time, as sessions are booked closely together.   If more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will have to be rescheduled.
Please kindly contact the office if you are unable to keep your appointment.   "No Shows" and those who postpone more than once for non-emergency reasons will be asked to prepay before scheduling another appointment.
4.  You are allowed to bring pictures, but it is not necessary to receive messages from your Departed Loved Ones or to attain information about a person still on Earth.
5.  Please come open minded.  All Mediums attain information differently.  You are welcome to be skeptic but openness allows for the best flow of information. 

More Information and Keys Regarding Mediumship Sessions:

1.  I am able to see, hear and feel your Passed Loved Ones.  I will give you evidence of who is coming through by telling you who I feel they are, looks, cause of
     death, etc.  Please validate with just a yes or no throughout your session while your Loved Ones are coming through.  
2.  I often receive first names.   If you can, please have some knowledge of family names, friend names, etc.   First names will either be the Living or the
     Passed, as those who are passed will often give a name of the Living in order to connect.
3.  I am the Receiver of your Departed Loved Ones and their Messages and cannot call upon them to come through or make them say specific words.  They are
     in complete control of whether they come and the message they give to you. 
4.  A Processing Session is available if you feel you need assistance in understanding where your Loved Ones are and how they are.  This session is not an
     Intuitive or Mediumship session but just a way to assist you to process what you hear during your Mediumship Session.  It should be booked same day
     or within two(2) days after the session completion.  
**Please see the FAQ Page for additional information about booking appointments at Serenity Harbor**  Thank you.